When applying to Get Patent, Beware of Scams

A large number of people develop amazing profitable ideas, but a very small percentage of inventors strive to get patent. Those that try more often than not encounter problems in identifying the right steps to follow to get their inventions out there for profit purposes and get patent for their fantastic creations. The popular scenario is that these new inventors fall victim of scammers who want to make a killing out of their ignorance on the right procedure to follow so as to gain full ownership of the invention. This article intends to unveil the operational tactics of scammers and how inventors can keep away from patent infringement through the hire of legitimate patent attorneys that take inventors through the right procedure of marketing inventions.

Due to the fact that most inventors never plan to develop amazing profitable ideas but simply brainstorm solutions to problems which they believe a good number of people will adopt, there are countless scammers who take advantage of the ignorance of the hardworking novice inventors to reap what they did not sow. Many of these clever minds that suffer from scams are average American citizens who try coming up with great ideas hoping to pursue them until they achieve their goals.

There is countless scam companies that try enticing would be invention creators by asking them to make calls to their toll-free number for them to succeed in their inventions. After inventors make calls to this number, the company offers an information packet absolutely free of charge on vital steps to a successful invention which inventors believe will help them get patent for their inventions. These information packets contain typical applications filled out whose main purpose is to extract the inventor’s personal details as well as details of the invention. They charge 50 dollars as a fee which they claim to be the processing fee. Surprisingly, a very small number of people get suspicious and many continue complying with the company’s requests. After receiving the application from the inventor together with the money requested, these companies request extra cash that they claim will be used in researching more about the product and developing it. If you come across such requirements, be quite sure the company is a scammer and you should avoid it by all means.

To keep away from such problems and avoid being conned of your hard-earned cash, it is advisable to hire a patent attorney whose reputation is beyond doubt. Reputable patent attorneys help inventors determine whether their ideas already exist and have been patented. A patent refers to legal manuscript that bars other members of the public from copying an inventor’s idea with the aim of making a sale to generate profit; it’s protection of the inventor against invention fraud. A good attorney will help you acquire this vital document and shield you from invention problems.

Inventors can also check out on the possibilities of the existence of the idea prior to their invention by use of United States Patent Office as well as from Congress Library. These two resources provide information on present patents. It is estimated that the US Patent Office gets over 200,000 applications of patents annually which means for an inventor to get patent, it might take a considerably long period.

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