Qualities of good Patent Lawyers

Many inventors have at one point or another sought the help of patent lawyers when patent issues that are beyond their control arise. The patent procedure and requirements are quite complicated and chances of making errors are high. When issues arise, patent property owners have no option other than to run a patent lawyer. However, the demand in services requiring the intervention of patent lawyers has led to increase in the number of these lawyers and hence making it quite tricky identifying the best lawyer to bail you out of patent issues. To settle to a lawyer who will give you the value for your money, consider the following guiding principles.

The basics: These majorly involve academic and professional qualifications. Just like lawyers in other fields, patent lawyers should be graduates of renowned law schools. That is the end of similarity between a patent lawyer and other fields’ lawyers. Patent counselors are further required to have one or more degrees in sciences or technical disciplines. The best lawyers you can land on are those that have prior knowledge in their line of specialization before enrolling for a law course. Extensive & varied experience when it comes to writing patents is also a key aspect to consider when choosing a patent lawyer.

Deep knowledge regarding your specific invention field: A lawyer who is well-versed in your specific field of invention is likely to be more efficient when helping you out of a patent issue than one completely naïve in that field. For instance, a biologist has little to write about on an invention in electronics. Nevertheless, being versed in one field isn’t enough. Good patent attorneys have education & experience in various technical fields. An average patent agent having a technical college certificate/degree who isn’t a lawyer, but has gone through a patent bar is in a good position to serve you provided their technical education as well as experience closely matches your specific invention field.

Successful patents: Qualified patent lawyers should offer successful patents. There are questions one can ask in an interview format with prospective patent counsel. Such questions may touch on the number of patents that the patent attorney has written, the number of attorney’s patents that have been challenged, those that have been overturned and the percentage of patents written by the patent attorney that have accrued financial benefits to the inventor among other questions. By comparing answers to such questions given by different prospective patent lawyers, you will be able to choose the best from the list.

Consider the affordability of different law firms:
Large law firms operating from big cities offer services at a very high cost. The advantage they have is the ability of hiring diverse and talented staff. With the small firms probably located on the outskirts of major cities, you have an opportunity to bargain based on your financial ability. However, it is recommended that you compare rates before settling on one. Remember, the fate of your application for patent greatly depends on the quality of patent lawyer chosen.

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