Patent Attorneys – Why you should Hire them?

It is undeniable that the cost of hiring patent attorneys is considerably high. However, nothing of value comes freely; you need to spend to get the desired outcomes from your invention. Most people compromise quality to save on expenditure and many American inventors would argue that it is the responsibility of the federal government to issue patents and thus do not see the need to seek the help of patent attorneys. Because of this argument by most American inventors, they directly file their patent applications with the government. Directly filing patent applications with the government is not hard provided you are well-versed in the following aspects.

Determining if the idea you have invented is patentable, the tips of exhausting a patent search, determining whether another inventor has patented the same idea before, evaluating the possibilities of your invention idea generating income, writing a detailed and comprehensive description of the idea you have developed, the ability of creating drawings that can clearly give a visual description of the creation, the ability of writing claims that will offer full protection to your invention against infringement and the knowledge of appropriately responding to objections by the United States Patent Office (or the patent office in your country of origin) to the application of your patent.

It is rare to come across an inventor with adequate knowledge on all the above aspects. However, if you have mastered all the above aspects, there is no doubt you will save a lot of money. Even with knowledge on all the above aspects, an inventor is bound to make mistakes and this is where the value of patent attorneys cannot be underestimated. What if your invention idea is quite disruptive? What if the idea has the capability to change whole industries? Do you proceed with the procedure of getting the utility patent single-handedly? An attorney is required in such a circumstance. You might still forge ahead without the assistance of an attorney, but what if you come to a realization that an opponent has identified a loophole that he can use to shun your invention’s patent claims? The opponent has now found an opportunity to make use of your idea and you cannot make any claims of compensation because of the existing loophole. If the opponent makes use of your idea, you are likely make losses amounting to millions and millions of shillings having spent handsomely on patent application.

With all the above problems and issues coming your way, you can be quite sure it’s almost impossible successfully patenting your product/idea without the involvement of patent attorneys. Even though such issues and problems can arise even with the involvement of patent attorneys, the chances of them arising are minimal when you involve these experts. Remember you are not their first client, which means they have experience in the field and they strive to leave no loophole uncovered. Besides offering the services to earn a living, patent attorneys are also concerned with building their reputation to safeguard their career. You can walk down the road single-handedly, but your invention is safer with them.

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Essential Tips on Patent Cost

There are people who are blessed with great thinking capacity that assist them to come up with either absolutely new ideas or improved application on already existent information. In such a case, these people are entitled to earn from this technology that they bring in. At the same time, there are imposters who are always waiting for chances to appear that they can grab other people’s idea and use them as their money blueprint. In all countries, there are patent laws that do create limitations of use of individual invention. There are some fees that are charged in regard to application of patent protection. Here are some tips on patent costs.

The first patent cost that are met is the fees for researching if ever there are other people who have filed patent of the similar kind to the one you are filing. This step is important as it will ensure that you are not infringing into the copyrights of others. There are several websites that are involved in searching patent files on the internet for a fee. This will ensure that the search is done fast and conveniently.

Determine patent services cost. These services are offered by lawyers and agents. Hiring lawyers to help in the conquest of filing can increase the overhead filing cost by large amounts since these professionals are expensive to hire.

There are some people who prefer not to hire attorneys. This can substantially lower the costs involved for patenting. However, these people are supposed to be very experienced in this process since there is delicate patent information that is supposed to be filled accurately to avoid avoiding leaving loopholes for scammers. If the document that you fill is inaccurate, it is often sent back for revision. This can increase your costs greatly since you will have to pay again for the document after it is disapproved. To lower the patent cost, you should hire agents who are experienced in the process of patenting. These agents will follow up and help in doing the necessary amendments that are required for the document to be passé easily without having to revise severally.

The patent searching fees does cost between 100-200 dollars. This fee is flexible. It can also be more if you hire the services of attorneys who are expensive. There are also filing fees that are charged after the patent application succeeds. They are either paid on monthly or yearly basis. These fees are meant to ensure that the patent will be well guarded for a period of about 17 years.
Since there are many determinant factors of total patent cost, it is advisable that applicants prepare a substantial amount if ever they are expecting to succeed.
Some of the major factors that do determine the cost of the patent are like the complexity of the innovation. Agents and patent filing system will require big cash. In most cases, lawyers do charge above $10,000 for filing patents. Nonetheless, there are other cases that the agents will ask for $2,000 depending on the level of complexity.

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Procedure for Self Patent Filing

It is true that the patenting process is expensive. However, there are some cheap means that you can use to file the patent personally. This is through self patent filling. This method is cheap and does not cost a lot. Read on to understand the procedure that should be followed for the trial to be successful.

In most cases, there are two methods allowed to people who are seeking to file a patent; individual or use of an agent. In most cases, these agents are attorneys who are well informed about this business. They have ability to help inventors draft draught that can receive recommendation faster. This is because they have already been in the business and are already aware of the loopholes to be aware of. They are the best for people especially with great ideas that require to be patented for the purpose of imposters.

However, when you have entire original ideas, it is easy to draft a draught that will be passed by the patent officials. You will only require going through the documents that are supposed to be filled and since you are aware of the ideas that are used in the process, you can make it without the help of attorney to take you through the complex filing jargon.

The first step you are supposed to do is to state what the patent filing is concerned about. Applicants are supposed to show its importance, how it functions and the importance that it holds either now or in future. Since while you came up with the idea you already had some substantial knowledge on some importance of the idea, ensure to include some insights that will enhance patent filing since if you include insights that are not impressive you are likely not to be approved. This initial part is just an abstract of what you have invented and should be done in few sentences without necessarily including a lot of details about it.

The second thing that you are supposed to specify is the field of invention. There also many inventions that are being introduced in the market. Specify the industry that this invention fits. There is design, utility and plant patents that are possible to be discovered in. This information is of particular interest since it will enable patent officials to narrow down your comparison with pre-existent goods in the market.

Thirdly, give some history of the invention. It can be an improved version of an existing version or a new version after all. If it is an improved model, include some comparisons that will show that the new version is better than the old fashion.

The fourth step is the place where you will unleash the technology behind the patent filing process. You should give clear instructions that are capable of guiding somebody else in making the same kind of model from your instructions.

The fifth part is the legal claim part. There is particular wording, punctuation and structure that is followed. It is a one sentence that claims what is being protected and the people who are responsible for the task. For accuracy, you can look for wording and structure online.
Lastly, have some diagrams of the invention for better accuracy.

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Important Patent Information

To ensure that there is no piracy practiced, all inventors, writers and artists are protected by the law from unscrupulous people looking to exploit their labor. There is a patent act which ins in the constitution. This act ascertains that anyone who misuses or tries to duplicate the ideas of the inventors compensates them. There are a lot of discoveries that are being made all over the world and it is therefore important to ensure that inventors are will not get their utility exploited without benefiting them. Here is some important patent information that all inventors are supposed to be aware of in order to succeed in gaining the full benefits of their invention in their respective fields.


Patent give inventors the right to ownership of the technology. Once it has been approved, these inventors are given a chance to sell and benefit from the technology. Unauthorized persons are denied the access of making, selling and also exporting it. Importation of similar kinds of products is also prohibited for a limited amount of time. Nonetheless, this law does not limit the owner of the patent to sell it to a third party. There is a law that allows patent holders to negotiate deals and sell their copyright to third parties. Other than selling, some do prefer to hold on to the copyright and allow others to use the idea to use for making money and pay a certain amount of money to the owner as per deals that are supposed to be predetermined. Many countries in the world have these patent laws that have been put in place. There is a treaty called the Paris Convention that has patent information regarding how it can be used across borders. This treaty authorizes all patent holders to sell their ideas in a number of countries at the same time.


Patents fall in three broad categories that include design, utility and plant patents. Utility processes are popular and are given to people who come up with new machines, process, newly manufactured items and for discoveries of new composition of matter. Plant patent is given to people who discover plant behaviors or engineer new asexual production means. Design patents are also given in case there is a distinct invention ion design that has been made.


This is best done using patent agents and attorneys. You can apply it individually but in most cases these applications are rejected since there are some patent information that you will ignore that can help to approve the application. Attorneys and agents are also capable of rushing the process since they have long experience in the field.


The cost of application is dependent on several factors like the number of times that you file the application. The level of invention does also count. Patent agents charge $2,000 for simple inventions and $10,000 for more complex inventions. These charges are for providing professional patent information in filing. There is also filing fee that can cost between 400 and 1,000 dollars. To reduce patenting costs, ensure that you have adequate information regarding utility and originality of the invention since you will be forced to repay the process again to reapply.

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