How to Successfully File Patent?

The increase in counterfeiting instances as well as goods and concepts’ introduction and marketing that come with minor alterations have necessitated the patenting of ideas, products and designs by inventors to protect their inventions. Because so much has been invented, most people who try coming up with inventions just re-invent the wheel. However, a good number of inventors have now developed a new survival tactic by earning a living from unpatented products. The major reason that has seen some inventors fail to patent their inventions is the time it takes to patent an invention. The process typically takes approximately 2 years with other factors remaining constant. However, if the inventor makes either small or big changes to the invention, the set period might be increased or decreased. Some other changes that may alter the period specifically causing increases are related legal procedures which add complications to the process. You need to be aware of all these aspects before you file patent.

Before you file patent, it is advisable to carry out research. The research should be so thorough so that you do not leave any resource containing patented property untouched which is a safety measure to protect yourself from patent violation consequences. You must be keen because a concept might have been twisted during drafting only to discover it is similar to the idea at hand. Check to see if the idea or concept in question has been earlier patented by another person. If you fail to carry out research, you might end up wasting time as well money going ahead with an already patented property. Most inventors have ignored research and ended up losing a lot of money on hiring attorneys among other costs that are involved in patenting inventions.

The concepts which have already been patented are checked during the application process and therefore there are no possibilities of a patenting an invention which has already been patented. If you file patent, you must know that the application cannot be made public prior to a period of 18 months. Publicizing the application before the lapse of this period can only be done if the patent applicant places a request for early publication. Whichever the scenario, applications which haven’t been publicized can’t be refereed.

You can file patent without any assistance or use professionals during patent application. Filing patent on your own can save a lot on cost, but it is advisable to seek professional help. This is because you might not be very conversant with the rules of the game. You are likely to make more mistakes and even take a considerably longer time when doing it on your own than when using patent attorneys or patent filing agencies. With the use of experts in this field, the errors will be minimized and the deal will be perfectly sealed. Remember, there are people looking for loopholes in patent claims and when they discover a slight loophole, they make great moves. With patent attorneys, you can be sure of maximum protection to your invention.

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When applying to Get Patent, Beware of Scams

A large number of people develop amazing profitable ideas, but a very small percentage of inventors strive to get patent. Those that try more often than not encounter problems in identifying the right steps to follow to get their inventions out there for profit purposes and get patent for their fantastic creations. The popular scenario is that these new inventors fall victim of scammers who want to make a killing out of their ignorance on the right procedure to follow so as to gain full ownership of the invention. This article intends to unveil the operational tactics of scammers and how inventors can keep away from patent infringement through the hire of legitimate patent attorneys that take inventors through the right procedure of marketing inventions.

Due to the fact that most inventors never plan to develop amazing profitable ideas but simply brainstorm solutions to problems which they believe a good number of people will adopt, there are countless scammers who take advantage of the ignorance of the hardworking novice inventors to reap what they did not sow. Many of these clever minds that suffer from scams are average American citizens who try coming up with great ideas hoping to pursue them until they achieve their goals.

There is countless scam companies that try enticing would be invention creators by asking them to make calls to their toll-free number for them to succeed in their inventions. After inventors make calls to this number, the company offers an information packet absolutely free of charge on vital steps to a successful invention which inventors believe will help them get patent for their inventions. These information packets contain typical applications filled out whose main purpose is to extract the inventor’s personal details as well as details of the invention. They charge 50 dollars as a fee which they claim to be the processing fee. Surprisingly, a very small number of people get suspicious and many continue complying with the company’s requests. After receiving the application from the inventor together with the money requested, these companies request extra cash that they claim will be used in researching more about the product and developing it. If you come across such requirements, be quite sure the company is a scammer and you should avoid it by all means.

To keep away from such problems and avoid being conned of your hard-earned cash, it is advisable to hire a patent attorney whose reputation is beyond doubt. Reputable patent attorneys help inventors determine whether their ideas already exist and have been patented. A patent refers to legal manuscript that bars other members of the public from copying an inventor’s idea with the aim of making a sale to generate profit; it’s protection of the inventor against invention fraud. A good attorney will help you acquire this vital document and shield you from invention problems.

Inventors can also check out on the possibilities of the existence of the idea prior to their invention by use of United States Patent Office as well as from Congress Library. These two resources provide information on present patents. It is estimated that the US Patent Office gets over 200,000 applications of patents annually which means for an inventor to get patent, it might take a considerably long period.

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Getting Intellectual Property Patent

It is important that once inventors come up with innovations, they look for immediate protection from the law against scammers. Many people are always waiting for others to develop ideas that have ability to earn cash from the market. In case the inventor is protected, no one will have ability to exploit their inventions. There are some people who make discoveries that are used by people who are capable of generating savvy ideas from it to make a lot of money while the discover of the technologies not capable of making any money from the invention. Getting intellectual property patent can help these kinds of people benefit from their inventions despite having no ability to use it since they will be paid licensing fees by people using their ideas to make money.

Intellectual property patent is a right that is offered to people giving absolute control of how they should regulate the use of property from being used by others. Patents last for 20 years after their application. Read on for the basics require for application of this law.


It is important that all inventors engage critical thinking when they are applying for intellectual property patent. The patenting office will require understanding the importance of the innovation to people before taking applying for filing. The filers of the patent will also require detailed evidence that will prove that the innovation you are protecting is really yours. You should also have ability to classify it in a certain category. Define the targeted consumers too for the idea to be more comprehensive.


The second step while looking for intellectual property patent is to carry out some thorough research. This research is done to ensure that there are no other inventions in the market that are already in the market. The research process does at times take as much as three months to get completed. There are websites that deal with the research of patenting ideas but you may decide to hire services of patent agents. Using the software internet software to research for patent is cheaper than hiring agents. However, in case an application is associated with an infringement it these agents are essential since they provide important information that is not possible to find in the internet.
As a precaution, some people retain a bona fide litigator before failing the process as a precaution against arising of an infringement. Moreover, once the invention is disclosed to the public, patentees are supposed to start rushing the process since people already know of it while it is not protected.


Once all the research has been done and there are and an approval for patent application has been approved, the filing procedure begins. This process is supposed to be done in a year’s time. There are specific intellectual property patent attorneys available. These are the ones who deal with the filing process. Filing patents require specific wording, grammar and even sentence structure. If these rules are not followed, the application shall be nullified. Nullification increases the costs of application and should therefore be avoided by all means.

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Tips on Patent Application

It is both expensive and tedious to apply for intellectual property patent rights. However, it is compulsory if inventors want to keep off infringers. To make this work easier, there are patent attorneys and agents who can assist in the process. These people make patent application process quite easy since they are well informed and able to get most of the requirements needed by the first time. This counsel does also assist in provision of advice in case the application process goes wrong at any stage. Here are some important tips that applicants should know about when applying for patent.

It is the dream of all inventors to make as many sales as possible once the market has been introduced in the market to ensure that they will get big profits. Therefore, once they land in the market they will go looking for promotion companies that will assist them in increasing the sales volume through popularizing the brand. These invention promotion companies have been of late discovered that they are involved in fraudulent activities. In some cases, they have promoted products that have recorded remarkable sales. The companies have not given the inventors their full due. Other companies have failed to give a clear analysis of their report to the inventors making them incur a lot of losses in patent application for brands that are not marketable. This has made these companies be made to be including disclosures regarding positive and negative features of the patent noted in the market.

Using the promotion services is sometimes useful since it can help to increase the sales volume of the invention. However, there are some companies that hire lawyers who are not approve to be performing the kinds of tasks supposed to be done by invention promotion firms. Their services are also expensive. Clients should look fir reputable companies before they hire their services to ensure that they will get high quality services.

Since there are so many technical parts that are involved in patent application, it is advisable for inventors to retain the services of these lawyers. They can assist in trying to find out whether inventions are worth being patented. They conduct research that will help to come up with conclusion of whether the idea being patented holds any chance of doing better in the market.

After patent application process succeeds, the inventor does get a lot of power over the products they make. One of the powers they get is ability to determine the people who are supposed to use the copyright. They are also given mandate of choosing who is capable of licensing the patented invention. Moreover, they determine the sales of the patent. As long as the patent is under the patentee, these laws will always be implemented. It is however important to renew patent application after it expires. This will ensure that you are copyright.

In case you discover some infringers using patent rights wrongfully, you should report this to a patent attorney who will file an infringement case. The parties responsible are sued and made to compensate damages caused.

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