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To ensure that there is no piracy practiced, all inventors, writers and artists are protected by the law from unscrupulous people looking to exploit their labor. There is a patent act which ins in the constitution. This act ascertains that anyone who misuses or tries to duplicate the ideas of the inventors compensates them. There are a lot of discoveries that are being made all over the world and it is therefore important to ensure that inventors are will not get their utility exploited without benefiting them. Here is some important patent information that all inventors are supposed to be aware of in order to succeed in gaining the full benefits of their invention in their respective fields.


Patent give inventors the right to ownership of the technology. Once it has been approved, these inventors are given a chance to sell and benefit from the technology. Unauthorized persons are denied the access of making, selling and also exporting it. Importation of similar kinds of products is also prohibited for a limited amount of time. Nonetheless, this law does not limit the owner of the patent to sell it to a third party. There is a law that allows patent holders to negotiate deals and sell their copyright to third parties. Other than selling, some do prefer to hold on to the copyright and allow others to use the idea to use for making money and pay a certain amount of money to the owner as per deals that are supposed to be predetermined. Many countries in the world have these patent laws that have been put in place. There is a treaty called the Paris Convention that has patent information regarding how it can be used across borders. This treaty authorizes all patent holders to sell their ideas in a number of countries at the same time.


Patents fall in three broad categories that include design, utility and plant patents. Utility processes are popular and are given to people who come up with new machines, process, newly manufactured items and for discoveries of new composition of matter. Plant patent is given to people who discover plant behaviors or engineer new asexual production means. Design patents are also given in case there is a distinct invention ion design that has been made.


This is best done using patent agents and attorneys. You can apply it individually but in most cases these applications are rejected since there are some patent information that you will ignore that can help to approve the application. Attorneys and agents are also capable of rushing the process since they have long experience in the field.


The cost of application is dependent on several factors like the number of times that you file the application. The level of invention does also count. Patent agents charge $2,000 for simple inventions and $10,000 for more complex inventions. These charges are for providing professional patent information in filing. There is also filing fee that can cost between 400 and 1,000 dollars. To reduce patenting costs, ensure that you have adequate information regarding utility and originality of the invention since you will be forced to repay the process again to reapply.

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