How the Patent Process Works?

Patent process is an application of copyright. This is a protection that is sought by inventors of new technology. Patenting has become necessary of late as there are numerous people who are discovering new things. On the other hand, there are pirates and scammers who are looking to exploit chances of hard sought income by people who have spent years and sleepless nights trying to combine ideas to invent new things. This process is lengthy and tedious since applicants are supposed to prove that whatever they are bringing in the market have not yet been invented by other people. It lasts for a period of between 12 and 18 months before it is approved. For the process to be triumphant, clients are supposed to establish a counsel and an attorney who is in informed of how the process works. A big percentage of people who try to patent with no assistance ends up failing. Read on for some tips on how to patent.

Firstly, the patent process will be taken for first office action. This office will investigate the information that is brought forward by the applicant. The most important thing that has to be done by this office is to look out whether the invention has originality. It also seeks to find out whether that invention is of any value to people. In case the technology demonstrated is original and it has potential importance to humans in the near future, the Patent and Trademark Office will warrant a release of patent letter. This letter approves the applicant to go ahead with application process. If the applicant fails to prove that their work is genuine, a letter of rejection is issued.

Applicants will move to the second office action in case of rejection. New evidence to argue out the rejection is presented in this office to prove validity of the innovation and its utility. The patent office receives this information and revises the new evidence to come up with the final judgment. In case the new evidence holds substance, a new letter of approval is issued to the applicant. However, if it is rejected the second time then a letter of rejection will be sent to applicants and their attorney in case that applies. This disapproval letter is final and therefore no appeal can be filed against the patent office.

After the Second Office Action issue of disapproval is received, applicants who are still convinced that they have utility and merit of the invention can still look for more evidence to argue their case and restart the patent process again. They are required to start the process from nil and go through the process until they are approved. In the second time, applicants are supposed to come up with strong evidence that will not be disputed on its substance against merit, strength and utility.

The evidence delivered in this appeal is used to decide the fate of the invention. Patent Office will scrutinize it and decide whether the patent process should be approved or rejected. The long scrutiny is meant to ensure that no one will replicate the ideas of other inventors.

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