Applications for Provisional Patent

Provisional patent applications are protection against specific inventions in companies. These inventions normally have market value to the company protecting them. In case this information falls into the wrong hands, it is possible to sell to savvy investors who have the ability to develop it. In case this inventions are given the right support to develop them, thy can enhance fast development of companies.

Filing applications of this document is unique in its own way. Only the filing date is required without necessity of including the tedious documents that are involved while you are dealing with a non-provisional patent application. Read on for more tips on provisional patent application.

No scrutiny

This application is not subjected to heavy investigation. However, the application with details of invention is supposed to have information about when this innovation was made. This document is valid for duration of exactly one year after disclosure to the public after which it will automatically expire. Note that before you obtain date for provisional filing, the inventor is supposed to file a non-provisional patent application. Filing of the non-provisional patent is supposed to have been done in duration of not less that a year to the date that provisional application is presented.

A year to test

This duration of one year allowed to the applicants before they establish a non-provisional patent is essential. Applicants use this duration to carry out market response in the product. If it has a chance of becoming a hit, then they can proceed to file a non-provisional patent that is costly and takes time. In case there are few people who will show inters in the product, applicants will simply drop the application without pursuing it. This will have saved time and the unnecessary costs that would have been use on the unmarketable innovation.

Cost effective

Provisional patent is affordable. There are few documents that are supposed to be processed hence less expenditure. This process does allow postponing of some costs to be postponed to future payments during non-provisional application.


The simple format of files required for this method also applicants to establish it in a hurry. This is essential especially in times when you are seeking for a launching date. The provisional patent is supposed to be filed a year before it public demonstration date.


Once you have established provisional patent, the inventor is allowed to make products that bear the logo of the patent to be launched. However, it is supposed to include that the invention have not yet been officially released. Being associated with invention of a certain principle can help to make the business rise to the limelight since there must be people who are well informed in the company. This is a popular marketing stint used by companies with a pending invention.
Provisional patent application nullifies after a year and hence non-provisional patent should be applied within a year to get benefit of dates established by the provisional patents. You should also seek counsel for correct filing information regarding the niche you are dealing with.

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